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Mo'adim Leshigra (Back to Normal)

Wow, seems like it was a crazy crazy month. And it was. Every year we have holiday after holiday, but this year seemed a little different didn't it?

For me I had the opportunity to lead 5 different S'lichot services in different congregations throughout Israel even before the High Holy Days began. Then led services in Jaffa, in North Tel Aviv, in the big Succah in the TLV port and musical Hakafot in Holon. It was a great great time.

Here's a cool video of all those good times.

In other news, starting to plan a two week summer camp tour this July, and more interesting things are in the works as well.

My very first Newsletter will be sent out soon using Wix Shoutout, we'll see how it goes. It's exciting for me to get the word out that things are happening.

Here's a special video for this week's Torah ortion - Noah. In the portion we learn that if we don't protect the planet bad things can happen. We can all relate to this these days, Tel Aviv and other municipalities have the local elections coming up, as well as the midterms in the States. This is our chance to make a difference in the way we treat the world starting with our own community:

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