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"Shimon is a top-notch musician whose high-energy performances of Jewish music deeply touch the soul. Shimon's creativity, charisma, love of Judaism and love of Israel are powerfully expressed in his music for all ages"

- Rabi Robert Scheinberg, United Synagogue Of Hoboken

"Shimon brings a level of energy, excitement and professionalism to Capital Camps the likes I’ve never seen in a song leader. His ability to bring our camp community together with his charismatic and dynamic energy is something every camp should experience. He is the total package"

- Sam Roberts , Capital Camps Director

"Shimon brings enthusiasm and energy to Camps Airy & Louise.  The campers get involved and love the show. We can't wait to have him back!"

-Jonathan Gerstl , Camps Airy & Louise Executive Director

"Shimon's performance at my community in Modiin was original, informative and breathtaking.  His ability to connect with any crowd is unparalleled and his original songs are sung in our community.  He has an ability to get everybody singing with a smile even at 3AM in Shavuot"

-Rabbi Nir Barkin, Yozma Modiin Israel

Shimon Smith tours the Jewish world and lives in Tel Aviv.

Shimon is one of the leading Jewish-Israeli songleaders and performers in Israel. He also tours the USA and Canada throughout the year visiting both Jewish communities and summer camps.


After making Aliyah from New-Jersey when he was only 5, Shimon brings with him a combination of many different worlds. His unique style of songleading brings a message of unity, community and musical connection to Judaism and Israel.  


Shimon's life is filled with music. He is the head Songleader and Cantorial Soloist at the Daniel Centers for Reform Judaism in Tel Aviv Yaffo, where in addition to leading musical Shabbats and holiday services, he also teaches hundreds of Bar and Bat Mitzvah students every year.  


He is the Songleader for the Jewish Agency Summer Camp Shlichim seminars, as well as the  co-head of music for the IMPJ 2018 conference, Noar Telem (NFTY) Israel and Netzer Olami. Shimon is also called upon by the Israeli Reform and Conservative movements to perform at protests regarding human rights, equality, race and gender.


After serving as an officer in the IDF for 5 years, Shimon was a Shaliach (Emissary) for the Jewish Agency in Alabama for 2 years and a proud graduate of the Rimon School for Music and Jazz (Berkley affiliate) in Ramat Hasharon.


Shimon was the Bass singer for the A-capella variety show The Voca People for 7 years, and is also known for his Hebrew voice dubbing of well known cartoons such as Hefty Smurf and Scar from the Lion Guard (seriously)...